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You must change your oil regularly to ensure that your car is safe and efficient. Your user manual should tell you how often to change your oil and what kind your engine takes. Your engine uses the oil to clean and lubricate itself, and the oil also wicks away heat from the engine to keep it from overheating. Through this process, the oil in the car can get gummed up with debris and lose its ability to function as well. Thus, you must change your oil to allow it to do its job. Oil changes are one of the most regular parts of car maintenance. Fortunately, you have plenty of options in Gallup, NM, including the on-site service center at Amigo Toyota.

Our on-site automotive service center staffs experienced car care professionals that provide top-notch service with affordable service specials. If you know that it is the right time for an oil change, or you want to make sure, book an appointment for an oil change at Amigo Toyota in Gallup, NM.

When Do You Need Oil Change Service?

The frequency with which you must change your oil depends on myriad factors. For starters, every car model uses different oil, and each uses its motor oil slightly differently. You should consult your manual to learn what type of oil your car takes, how much it takes, and how often you should replace it. The manual will give you a rough estimate for how much oil your car goes through per a set number of miles. How you drive and how often you drive your car might also affect the miles between oil changes. For example, aggressive drivers might cause more debris build-up. Likewise, if you do not drive frequently, your car might need an oil change before the prescribed mileage because it can gum up from sitting still.

 At Amigo Toyota in Gallup, NM, our mechanics can help you determine whether it is time for an oil change. They will also set a warning light for the next time if it has that feature. Moreover, the last time you swapped your oil, a mechanic would have likely put a sticker on your windshield. The sticker will tell you how many miles until you need another oil change.Book an appointment through our online form for oil change service at Amigo Toyota in Gallup, NM.

Schedule an Oil Change Service at Amigo Toyota

Regularly checking your oil will help you keep on top of its maintenance schedule. We can also help you figure out whether you need an oil change at Amigo Toyota in Gallup, NM. Stop by whether you know or suspect that your car needs repair, and we can help determine whether or not it does and what kind. Before coming in, schedule an appointment with our online form to make sure we can see you on your time.