Battery Service Available in Gallup, NM

Battery Service And Maintenance

Battery Service And Vehicle Maintenance in Gallup, NM

If it's time to replace your vehicle's battery, then you need to drop by Amigo Toyota's state-of-the-art service center today and let our team of skilled technicians do the job for you. Our technicians are highly trained to ensure that your vehicle returns to the road in Gallup, NM, in peak condition. We invite you to visit us today and let us perform a battery diagnostic test, which will determine if your battery needs to be replaced or simply needs care.

Signs of a bad battery include corrosion on the posts or cables, dimming lights when you turn the air conditioning on, the illumination of warning lights, issues with the alternator, belt problems, or an old battery.

If you've experienced any of those issues, then we encourage you to come in and take advantage of our affordable rates and reliable service. In addition to our battery service, we offer repairs, oil changes, tire rotations and replacement, alignments, brake repairs and maintenance, and much more. You can even order individual Toyota parts and accessories.

Additionally, we offer Toyota Service Care, which is a prepaid plan that includes maintenance and roadside assistance. The plan lasts for two years and has unlimited miles. It includes tire rotations, oil changes, inspections, jump starts, lockout protection, tire service, towing, and emergency fuel delivery. Feel free to discuss the service with any of our technicians.

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Amigo Toyota's innovative service center is staffed by a team of skilled technicians who utilize modern methods and advanced technology to ensure that your vehicle is well taken care of. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment today. Be sure to also browse through our collection of service specials. We look forward to servicing your vehicle.